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With spring break rapidly approaching we will begin a series of public service announcements regarding DUIs.
Yes we know DUIs are an unpleasant topic, but again here we want to emphasize that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
The best way to prevent a DUI is simple: do not drink and drive. We hear many say, “I just had two glasses of wine”, or “one drink”, or “it was just a couple of beers, but I wasn’t dunk”.
The truth is the science behind blood alcohol content is tricky since it depends on many factors,such as one’s weight, height, number of alcoholic drinks consumed per hour; how much time has passed before the last drink was consumed, was food consumed, or has the person taken any other medications, or supplements that could potentially intensify the effect of the alcohol? So you can see there are many factors that together, determine your blood alcohol content. It is best not to chance it; and simply do not drink and drive. Whether you have just one drink, or want one glass of wine with dinner, ask a relative or friend who is not drinking to drive, or call a cab.